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Bonus traffic NEVER expires, build up now and profit BIG as your bonus traffic is received and converts to sales or new affiliate signups to earn even more bonus traffic!


Earn High Converting Bonus Traffic Direct From Site!

The traffic you earn is traffic from the website which has not been referred by another affiliate, we ONLY count traffic which has clicked on a ‘purchasing’ or ‘affiliate registration’ link, this traffic is HIGHLY QUALIFIED traffic, not ‘RAW’ traffic hits to our website!

We reward our affiliates for simply doing what they normally would do for any affiliate program, we just pay a lot better! We give out 100% of all website sales traffic and 100% of our affiliate signups which has not been referred by an affiliate already out to our ACTIVE affiliate network!

These visitors are like GOLD!

Current Rewards:

Send 5 raw visits to site using your affiliate links = 1 qualified site bonus visit.
(LAUNCH PROMO! – Normally 5 visits = 1 bonus visit.)

1 qualified sale = 5 qualified site bonus visits (*currently added to account manually.)
(LAUNCH PROMO! – Normally 5 sales = 1 bonus visit.)

1 new affiliate registrations = 5 qualified site visits
(LAUNCH PROMO! – Normally 5 registered affiliates = 1 bonus visit.)

*Qualified Site Visits = A non referred site visitor who has clicked on either link to purchase a product or service on our site OR they have clicked on a link to join as an affiliate. We give out ONLY qualified visitors to our affiliates as bonuses, we do not give out ‘raw’ traffic to our site, i.e. to the homepage, which then just ‘bounces’ off of the site, we give out visitors who have read our site content and have selected a hosting plan, for example, then clicked on ‘Buy Now’ or other similar ‘ACTION’ link, meaning they have mentally chosen at that moment to take action and purchase or to join as an affiliate or even both!