Backups Come Standard: Shared and VPS Hosting

Backups Come Standard: Shared and VPS Hosting

When you host with Tuned Hosting with either a VPS package or on our Shared platform, backups are included at no additional charge, both daily and weekly backups are maintained with offsite SSD Raid 10 storage and with zero setup on your part to configure, we handle it all.

So unlike other companies which nickle and dime you for every little feature, Tuned Hosting provides many at zero additional cost, because it is the RIGHT thing to do.

A hosting company should always provide data backups as part of the service, in our opinion, integrity of data should always be maintained by your host on VPS and Shared Hosting accounts.

Tuned Hosting was conceived because we experienced catastrophic data loss when our business hosting was accidentally terminated by our host, including our backups and the company who was providing our hosting also didn’t actually backup our data as they stated they would…

For this reason, we will always maintain our clients data with offsite backups for VPS and Shared accounts, sure it costs us more money to provide backups, we think YOU are worth it!

Welcome to the last host you will EVER have…

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