Cheap VPS Hosting Tuned for Performance, No Technical Experience Required!

Cheap VPS Hosting Tuned for Performance, No Technical Experience Required!

Are you looking for cheap yet robust VPS Hosting for your business because your shared hosting account just isn’t cutting it any longer?

Are you TERRIFIED of setting up your own VPS?

Let US do it for you!

Tuned Hosting was founded SPECIFICALLY for people just like you! While we provide hosting for any level of technical experience, if you are not a server savvy user and need more than what a shared hosting package offers and just don’t know what you need to do to properly setup your VPS server, choose a cPanel/CentOS configuration and we will do it ALL for you!

Yup! Just select cPanel and CentOS as your operating system and our Tuned Hosting Mega Nerds will get to work to build your server to Tuned Hosting SPECS!

Boom DONE!

You get the same great reliable performance as our tuned shared hosting offers, yet on your own server with full root access, completely tuned and managed by our staff… You just focus on running your business and we handle all the nerdy server stuff.

We setup your server with Nginx, Memcached, OPcache, etc., and tweak and properly setup your server with security and performance tweaks, saving you time and money.

Our hosting rocks, it is fast OUT OF THE BOX, we got you covered on your startup to mega million dollar business needs and everywhere in between…

From $3 to ONLY what you need…

Get Tuned!


Tuned Hosting!

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