The ULTIMATE Promotional Tool For Your Business! Give TUNEDCLOUD Shared or Reseller Hosting to Your Clients at 30% off for LIFE Including Renewals, Earn BIG Residual Commission When They Renew!

Every business owner needs promotional tools to help them close sales and earn additional income, our coupon tracking package does just that and makes it easy for you to build a residual income in the process as a TUNEDCLOUD Affiliate.

Your tracking coupon can be used to provide 30% off for life to your referrals on TUNEDCLOUD Shared or Reseller hosting when they sign up for your products and services, online offers, Business to Business sales transactions, etc., your imagination is the ONLY restriction on how this promotional tool can be used to earn more money!

You DON’T have to just use them to only promote our web hosting, you can require a client to purchase a product or service from  you first before providing them with this AMAZING discount on high performance cloud hosting.

We have Web Designers who use this tool to close their clients on purchasing design work from their company instead of their competitors, online marketers using the coupons to build their email lists, credit card merchant reps using as tool to sign up more clients, the list goes on and on!

Coupon Codes Work For ALL TUNEDCLOUD Shared or Reseller Cloud Hosting Packages!

EARN Big Commission

When your clients renew their payments to keep their TUNEDCLOUD hosting shared or reseller account active, YOU get paid!

  • – Join as Affiliate!
  • – Earn up to 30% Commission Every Paid Sale!
  • – Free to Join!
  • – Earn Bonus Sales and Affiliate Team Members!
  • – Free Marketing System!

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Create Your Custom Hosting Coupon

Create your custom coupon for use as a promotional tool to build your business!


  • – As Bonus for Opting into Your Newsletter!
  • – As Prize in a Drawing!
  • – As Bonus to Your Online Product or Service Sales!
  • – As Bonus to your Web Design Clients!
  • – More!

Your custom coupon code subscription is monthly, the custom coupon can be issued as many times as you like during that month, renews monthly to keep coupon and tracking active, cancel at any time.

Get Started NOW $9.99/month!

AMAZING Hosting Provided to Your Clients!

TUNEDCLOUD Hosting Features:

  • – FAST Apache/Nginx Cloud Hosting!
  • – 8 cpu Cores!*
  • – 32GB RAM!*
  • – 100Gbps Port Host Node Connectivity!
  • – 1Gbps Allowed Per Account!
  • – Unlimited Web Space!*
  • – Free SSL Certificates for EVERY Domain!
  • – Unlimited FTP Accounts!
  • – Unlimited Addon Domains! (With Enterprise Package on shared hosting OR any Reseller package!)
  • – Unlimited Email Accounts!
  • – Backups Every 6 Hours!

*Get Full Details of Hosting Packages Here

Get Your Custom Coupon $9.99/month!

Additional Custom Coupons – Company Deal Matching!

If TUNEDCLOUD issues a coupon that you as an active Coupon Tracking Subscriber want to use to promote with, i.e. we issue a 60% off coupon or 1 month free, 20% off VPS, etc, you can open a support ticket requesting a custom coupon to track that matches our company coupon offers and we will set it up for you for no additional cost!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the coupon code during my subscription, just to 'change it up' if needed?

Absolutely! Want to run a different promotion and stop using a previous coupon code, just open a support ticket and we will change your custom code to a new code, just don’t abuse our support with too many requests, i.e. daily changes, etc., please limit to once a week at most for changes.

Do you have 'coupon code tracking' for affiliates so that I can just give my customers the coupon code and get credit when they renew every month?

Yes! Your custom coupon is coded to ONLY YOU as an affiliate, so all sales made using this coupon will be credited to you, even if your clients give the coupon away to their friends… you don’t care, you still earn when they renew! 🙂

How many times can I give out the coupon code to use as a bonus to my clients and help promote my business?

You can give out the coupon code as many times as you like, it will stay active for as long as your subscription is active.

*No refunds on this item are allowed due to nature of the product.