Fast Hosting on a Budget, No Tech Experience Required… Sweet!

Fast Hosting on a Budget, No Tech Experience Required… Sweet!

Are you ready for the best hosting experience of your life?


Tired of slow… hosting…., you will LOVE Tuned Hosting, all of our hosting, Shared, VPS and coming soon Dedicated, is professionally tuned and maintained by our staff with the hosting environment tuned to perform for high demand WordPress and eCommerce hosting solutions.

We Tune Your Server So You Don’t Need To…

Are you a tech guy who loves to tweak and work on a server all day to get things to work or do you just want to load up your sites and be happy that everything works and is fast and reliable?

Exactly! You want a service that works and is fast and reliable, out of the box, right?

Shared Hosting:

Fully Managed Hosting

  • Instant Deployment!
  • Server Updates
  • Latest cPanel
  • Configured For Speed!
    • Nginx
    • Memcached
    • OPCache
    • more!
  • Daily and Weekly Backups included!
  • Starting at just $12 a month!

VPS Hosting:

Semi Managed Hosting

  • 24 Hour Deployment with all server settings pre tuned
  • Server Updates
  • Configured for speed!
    • Same as our tuned shared hosting
    • Full root access for those who want to do their own tweaking…
  • Backups standard
  • Starting at just $99 a month!

Dedicated Coming Soon!

  • Same great services as VPS!


Tech Support Provided, When Needed!

Since our launch we have had less than 20 support tickets submitted by our clients… this is because they don’t need support very often and when they do, we are here to even answer the simple questions, like how to setup an email or a new add-on domain for a shared account.

We have had ZERO support tickets for server outages, etc for about a month now…

Enough said!

Our service works, period and when situations arise which you need support, we are here 24/7!


Welcome to the last host you will ever need.


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