Faster than’s Average Site Speed With TUNEDCLOUD Shared Hosting Account?… YUP!

Faster than’s Average Site Speed With TUNEDCLOUD Shared Hosting Account?… YUP!

Our TUNEDCLOUD Shared hosting is so fast that you can actually get a faster average site load than and their multi billion dollar company’s website on what I would assume to be Dedicated servers for

Here are independent speed tests performed by

My personal site, [BTW, this is Rick Weston, Owner and Chief Geek of]

My personal site, , is 113ms faster than on average, this is on our SHARED and RESELLER platform, TUNEDCLOUD.

TUNEDCLOUD is built on our cloud network, data centers in multiple locations worldwide, with our custom web stack and backups every 6 hours on all accounts, allowing for the ultimate hosting package for online businesses that want to have their sites fast and data secure!

I started because I had issues with several big name brand companies that did various things such as losing my data… over and over, network issues that lasted a week or more, etc., this prompted me to think that there had to be a better way to provide top level hosting at a price any online business could afford.

Now, as a host to the public we have experience our share of issues, our growing pains… however my commitment to our clients is that we will always have your best interests at heart, even if we fail at times in our execution.

We are absolutely 100% human and prone to mistakes, however we are also dedicated to building an amazing hosting opportunity for our clients and affiliate partners, not to stockholders and investors.

If you choose to use TH hosting to host your website, know this… we are 100% behind you and your success, committed to daily working towards making your hosting experience better and more affordable with bundled benefits and support you just can’t get from any other host, be it HostGator, Godaddy or Namecheap, we strive to blow away your expectations!

If you are looking for an amazing hosting experience that just keeps getting better, please give my company,, a chance to earn your business!

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Thank you again for your patronage!


Rick Weston
Owner and Chief Geek

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