Fully Managed WordPress Cloud Server Hosting

Are you ready to take your WordPress website to the ultimate level of performance for your mission critical enterprise deployments?

Look no further than a Fully Managed Cloud WordPress Server from TUNEDCLOUD!

Start with one server or two or more configured for geographically distributed load balancing, and let our team of highly trained WordPress Server Specialists build your cloud server or multi-server load balanced setup, TUNED for maximized WordPress performance, you focus on your business, we keep you running with AMAZING performance!

How to Order Your Fully Managed WordPress Cloud Server

Ordering your cloud server from us is super easy, all of our servers come with FULL management, when ordering you simply need to select the server size you want, the ‘Server Management’, ‘Optimize for WordPress’, use cPanel(license purchased from cpanel.net or other retailer), CentOS 7 and  the optional TUNEDX module option, then if you want a duplicate server for load balancing you would add a load balancing server at the location of your choice along with the then required TUNEDX module for load balanced server setup.

Our load balancing servers can be configured two different ways either as a second server at the same data center for fail over service or at a geographically separate data center, which is how we have the TUNEDCLOUD.com website setup, with one server in San Jose California and another in Frankfurt Germany with CloudFlare CDN for Edge caching.

You can always start with one dedicated VM Instance, then add a load balancing server at a later date as your needs expand or even two or more load balancing servers in multiple data centers, all connected by a private 1Gbps port at no additional cost on our globally distributed network!

TUNEDX Server Module – Advanced Apache/NGINX Server Controller

The TUNEDX server controller for Apache and NGINX web server setup provides an all in one tool to maximize the performance of every domain hosted on your server, including running 2 or more versions of PHP on the same domain, running NGINX and Apache on the same domain, i.e. yoursite.com on NGINX and yoursite.com/some-folder/ on different version of php with NGINX or Apache as PROXY setup!

Don’t know what all that means?

No worries! We handle ever aspect of your server setup and configuration as part of our Full Server Management for WordPress on our Cloud Hosting platform, if you have an issue, we fix it!

The TUNEDX module also has many convenient features, works within your cPanel/WHM account making it really easy to tune your site’s setup for speed and security, all with zero technical skills required, if you need help, we are always there to provide it and get your sites performing at their absolute best.


*All TUNEDCLOUD managed servers are deployed with a cPanel trial license to allow you to start running your server and sites right away, you have 2 weeks to purchase a valid license from cpanel.net or other online retailer to keep your installation active. cPanel changed it’s licensing requirements to number of cPanel accounts hosted per server, thus your licensing needs will change as your hosting needs evolve, making it simpler to directly license your server with cPanel.net.

Need Help Deciding What Your Business Needs?

Open a ticket with our sales department by submitting a ticket after registering on our site or you may send an email to Sales[at]TUNEDCLOUD.com 24/7!