Increased Bandwidth on All Shared Packages!

Increased Bandwidth on All Shared Packages!

Our shared hosting packages have just been dramatically improved with more bandwidth for all packages, with our Starter package now with 500GB of monthly bandwidth, Pro at 1000GB and our Enterprise Shared package now at UNLIMITED 1Gbps port speed…


All packages include daily and weekly backups at no additional charge, full support 24/7 and our amazing Tuned Hosting configured service, which we are currently running our own and several other affiliated company websites on our Shared Hosting service, just to show how fast and reliable it is and that you can even run a full eCommerce site on it with SSL certification and fast load times even running a database driven site powered by WordPress or other CMS system.

This is just our 1st generation platform! Our second gen platform will blow it away… 4 data centers distributed across the USA, LA, Dallas, Chicago and Miami, a multi data center, semi-private cloud shared platform…

So your site is hosted in 4 separate data centers, load balanced and delivered from the closest center to your visitor… Should a node go down, it auto rebuilds and redeploys, with ZERO downtime!

Dedicated email, database and web servers within each cloud, this type of setup is normally reserved for HUGE budgets… yours at Tuned Hosting’s amazing pricing, with our amazing customer support and peace of mind daily off site raid 10 high speed backup servers at no additional cost for all Shared and VPS accounts.

All at a price you can’t beat for the level of service and support you receive as a Tuned Hosting client, or should I say VIP Client! Every client of Tuned Hosting is treated like a VIP, with us… you ARE family!

Just now I am on Skype with a client to do an account transfer from GVO to Tuned Hosting with a client from the Philippines, a guy I have known for several years now as a client and friend, a great man and Pastor in the Philippines

For this gentleman I will stay up all night to make sure all his sites are transferred and setup, just as I have done for dozens of other clients so far, to be honest I have only been operating on about 3 to 5 hours of sleep per night working on setting up accounts and working on new features and options for our clients.

This is the  commitment TH has for all clients, big or small, it doesn’t change how we treat you, with us… every client is a ‘major account’, the least expensive package we service is treated as if it were a $1800 per month dedicated server package.

Every Tuned Hosting client is a VIP with us.

Welcome to Tuned Hosting, the last host you will ever need!

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