It is All About Speed, Bigger, Better… FASTER: Tuned Hosting Delivers!

It is All About Speed, Bigger, Better… FASTER: Tuned Hosting Delivers!

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid all I ever wanted to do was go fast, fast cars, fast bikes, fast roller coasters, fast, fast, fast…

Some things never change, as a website owner… I want my sites to be FAST… and as the owner of Tuned Hosting… all I want is for your sites to be blazing fast too.

Currently Tuned Hosting Shared Hosting is running on our 1st generation platform, our 2nd gen platform will be a multi data center, LA, Dallas, Chicago and Miami, balanced, semi-private cloud service…

If our current service is this fast from China and Germany to our Chicago data center on our own site hosted on our shared hosting… how fast do you think our 2nd generation platform will be?

Test Results

Less than 1 second from each location… no CDN enabled, just pure server response… that is FAST folks!

Those of you who take us up on our current shared offers will be UPGRADED for NO COST to the 2nd generation platform and no monthly price increase!

Tuned Hosting is a different kind of hosting company, built to perform on a budget and with focus on speed and data security with top performance data centers and equipment and backups included on all accounts we sell, Shared, VPS and Dedicated!

Ready for a new hosting experience?

Welcome to Tuned Hosting!


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