Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting

We only offer FULLY managed hosting of the highest performance on the World’s FASTEST Cloud Servers, with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc., all FULLY managed by us, meaning if you have an issue, we resolve it for you, work with script providers and other services to keep your website operating at top performance.

Let’s face it, most websites these days are a collection of software, not just one platform like WordPress, sites run many systems together to have a complete web based application.

For example, our website, is a WordPress powered website running 47 active plugins, we also have WHMCS software running along side our WP installation, which requires its own set of performance tweaks to make everything work together and deliver the highest performance possible for all visitors.

What You Get From Other Managed WordPress Hosting Companies

Go ask them and you will find that other Managed WordPress Hosts do not even come close to providing the network and server configurations we do for our clients.

We don’t even compare our services to Godaddy, HostGator, NameCheap or any other similar companies who only offer ‘low end’ hosting, ‘go ask them’ you will find they provide 100Mbps network connections, low performance CPU’s, limitations on backups, I/O limitations, slow disk drives, etc., etc.

The only comparable solutions we have found on the market to our service are WPEngine and Flywheel for Managed WordPress Hosting¬† with full management and they don’t really compare when you go ask them about their networks, equipment and allocated resources for the accounts they provide their clients.

TUNEDCLOUD is in a league of it’s own!

Compare Our Managed WordPress Hosting

TUNEDCLOUD Fully Managed Cloud Hosting vs. WPEngine and Flywheel

Check out our fully managed cloud hosting solution, compare our service to WPEngine and Flywheel and SAVE BIG!

*Free Domain available on 1, 2, 3 year payment plans only on select domain TLD’s.

*Free SSL certificates provided by Let’s Encrypt on all domains and sub-domains that are hosted on our servers.

*Backups are performed approximately every 24 hours on all accounts that are within our automated backup limits of 20GB and less than 600K inodes per domain hosted.

*RAM: We allow accounts to burst up to 32GB under load as needed provided they do not exceed our Acceptable Use Policy limits.

*CPU Cores: We allow accounts to burst up to 8 cores under load as needed provided they do not exceed our Acceptable Use Policy limits.

*Network Connection: All TUNEDCLOUD Shared WordPress Hosting Accounts are built on host nodes with 100Gbps connectivity to the Internet with each Cloud VM instance allowed to use up to 1Gbps as needed. (Our VM instances rarely exceed 250Mbps and only for short periods of time, leaving plenty of headroom for our users on each node we deploy.)