TUNEDCLOUD Master Affiliate Position

TUNEDCLOUD is looking to fill the final Master Affiliate position out of 12 total to ever be placed front level to the company, with all other affiliates being placed under our 12 master affiliates automatically by our affiliate marketing systems.

[After we have 100K domains hosted on our service, we will switch to a MLM compensation plan with pay on sales of ALL 10 levels of affiliates below you!]

This is a GOLDEN opportunity to capitalize on the growth of our hosting company as we expand and grow our brand!

What You Get as a Master Affiliate Compared to Being a Regular Affiliate

  • Base commission rate increases from 15% to 50% on sales of Group A products!
  • Qualified for life to participate in all contests and bonuses we announce!
  • Placement direct to company, all other affiliates are placed under our 12 master affiliates
  • More bonuses to come, just for MA’s!

See standard affiliate program details here!