Migrating to Tuned Hosting?

Migrating to Tuned Hosting?

Slow Shared, VPS or Dedicated server, having outages for hours or even days that make you blue with your host or are you just paying a little too much for the frustration of dealing with tech support that doesn’t actually solve the problem?

These are just a few of the reasons businesses, like yours, are moving their hosting over to Tuned Hosting… we are fast… built on top of the line Intel servers with amazingly fast data centers and at a price anyone can afford.

Tuned Hosting is being built with the idea we don’t have to be the biggest company, just the best… and while we may, actually are certain to make mistakes, we learn from them and find better ways to serve our clients.

While other companies spend their time trying to tweak their bottom line to please their investors, we focus on providing the best service we can for our customers, we think you will appreciate it.

Migration to Tuned Hosting is EASY, just open an account with us and then send in a support ticket with your account details for slow hosting account and we will transfer you over to our LIGHTNING FAST hosting!

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