Speed Stats for TunedHosting.com on Our New Web Stack!

Speed Stats for TunedHosting.com on Our New Web Stack!

Hey guys!

Just Geeking out a bit today about our new server setup on our 10Gbps VPS and Dedicated Network.

Previously we had a 8 cpu, 16GB RAM VPS on 1Gbps network port connection… we decided that now would be a great time to move our site to our new 10Gbps network and see if we could get AMAZING performance with LESS server cost in the process.

AND… IF we could run our site on less server with our new webstack configuration, that means our clients can do the same to save some cold hard cash!

So, we decided to really GO FOR IT and see what we could do with a really small VPS with only 4 cpu cores and 4GB of RAM on our 10Gbps connections to our multi-layered fiber optic powered networks.

Here are some quick stats from Host-tracker.com:

(Our Server is located in Phoenix Arizona.)


(dns, head, data) total
(8 ms, 335 ms, 1 ms) 345 ms

The above numbers represent the DNS, head and data load times with a total of 345 ms AVERAGE!

If you go to the link above you will even find some locations with total load speeds as low as 30 ms!

This site, a WordPress site, has a TON of plugins, currently running over 40 plugins and getting average loads of .345 seconds!

We get this performance because of how we build our server web stacks that we deploy for our shared and reseller hosting out of the box AND when you choose to have us fully manage your VPS or Dedicated server for you for only $49 a month!

Now anyone can get amazing performance for less with Tuned Hosting, either with our shared and reseller hosting or as fully managed VPS or dedicated servers, without spending hours doing it yourself or having to get a degree in computer engineering!

Plus, with our server setups you can use less expensive server setups and get out of this world performance, great for start ups, grow as you need more resources, i.e. start with a small VPS, move to a larger one, then to a dedicated if and only when you really need it, saving you THOUSANDS possibly in the process!

This is one of the main differences between Tuned Hosting and other companies, we don’t force you into buying bigger machines and spending more money, we do the opposite, we focus on tuning and setting up our services correctly so you can spend less and get the same or better performance, we don’t have you ‘throw money’ at the problem, unless you absolutely require an upgrade because your site is just so popular you must upgrade to keep up with the work load.

We hope you appreciate the difference!


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