Speed Up Your WordPress Site with Nginx and Redis Cache Without Plugins!

Speed Up Your WordPress Site with Nginx and Redis Cache Without Plugins!

Everyone wants a FAST WordPress website, right!

Normally that means hours of searching for plugins or customizing your settings to get a really fast WordPress website, not any longer!

In fact, this website you are on right now runs with 41 active plugins on one of our VPS-16 VPS servers on our 1Gbps network, not even our fastest or highest resource VPS configurations for equipment, however… it loads SUPER FAST!


Because we have tuned the configuration of our server so that is is optimized for WordPress performance on Nginx with a custom WordPress+Redis cache template that automates all the settings for Nginx to provide an incredibly fast cPanel hosting environment, the same exact web stack we use for our Tuned Cloud Shared Hosting.

BTW, NONE of the 41 plugins we use on our site are for website performance improvement, except MAYBE one for AMP, i.e. accelerated mobile pages, all are for running things like our affiliate program and other tracking systems, high resource usage plugins… i.e. cpu and ram, yet our site runs fast even under load.

Now, yours can too!

It is so easy, just sign up for a Tuned Cloud Shared Hosting Package, your site will run fast right away, but if you want even more performance with Nginx and Redis cache, here is how to get it in less than 1 minute!

  1. Log into your cPanel account with us.
  2. Scroll to the bottom down to ‘Autom8n/XtendWeb’.
  3. Select domain to modify.
  4. Select ‘App Settings’.
  5. Select ‘PHP’.
  6. Choose PHP Version.
  7. Choose ‘WordPress+Redis’ Nginx Template.
  8. Submit to save!

Now your domain is using a high performance Nginx template with Redis cache to serve all of your web content super fast!

*Remember, this is a cache so changes to site will not be immediate, if you are editing site switch to ‘WordPress’ template for no cache, then back to ‘WordPress+Redis’ after you are done with site edits to maximize performance of WordPress site.

Settings NOT Compatible with Redis Cache setup:

For any domain you enable WordPress+Redis template , you need to disable under ‘Server Settings’:

1. PageSpeed
3. mod_security

Otherwise they will SLOW DOWN your page loads, the reason is those settings do not allow the cache to work because of how PageSpeed, NAXSI and mod_security work.


What Makes Using Redis Cache So Great?

Redis cache stores content for delivery to your visitors in memory, i.e. pages, images, etc., rather than using a file to save your pages and other data in a static form to deliver quickly, memory is ALWAYS faster than reading from disk, even from SSD’s, your best bet is to use memory.

Redis cache has been show to perform even better than memcached, which is why we developed a custom Nginx template to use redis for our clients to use, making it possible to get the absolute best performance out of WordPress powered websites.

In fact, WordPress itself uses a Nginx setup to run their sites, until now it has been incredibly difficult for most people to run WordPress on Nginx as it required a lot of technical knowledge, we have eliminated this issue with our WordPress+Redis Nginx template and automated setup systems.

Additional Tweaks

You can also make other performance tweaks in the Autom8n/XtendWeb module for your domain under ‘Server Settings’, such as redirects for urls, ssl offloading for performance, DDoS mitigation, WAF settings, etc.

There are settings also in the module for things like ‘Expires Headers’ etc. to maximize your overall performance, you may need to turn some off if they cause issues depending on other scripts you have running on your site, however most cases there are zero issues with the advanced features.

Incredibly Flexible PHP Configurations Possible!

With our server configuration it is even possible to run multiple versions of PHP on the same domain when using subfolder settings to setup custom configured web applications in situations where you have a script that requires different versions of PHP and you want to use a different version for example on your main site that runs faster such as PHP70 or PHP71.

For Example

Yourdomain.com – PHP71

Yourdomain.com/somefolder/ – PHP56

Yourdomain.com/somefolder/otherfolder/ -PHP71

subdomain.yourdomain.com – PHP54

subdomain.yourdomain.com/folder/folder – PHP56


In fact we haven’t found a single script yet which we couldn’t run on our Tuned Cloud Shared Hosting other than those which require full root access to run, which means you need a VPS or Dedicated to run them…

We have shared clients with 10’s of thousands of daily visitors with ZERO speed issues, our clients love our setups and the performance provided on our networks.

You will too!

Hopefully you see just how easy it is to improve the performance of your WordPress site making it much faster with absolutely no plugins required!

In fact you SHOULD NOT use any performance plugins with caches when using our custom setups for Nginx, they will just slow down your site, our setup using Redis cache in memory is MUCH faster than any other cache as it is direct from server level and not a web application level cache.

This is one of the biggest mistakes people make, they use too many systems that in fact contradict themselves and seriously slow down or cause other issues on websites rather than improving speed, some products on the market can even cause your site to completely crash because they use up too many resources themselves to be used on the hosting package the client is on… The hosting package is too limited!

This is why all of our Tuned Cloud packages are loaded with resources, tons of RAM and CPU resources available at all times, with no restrictions placed on our users directly, our servers are tuned to allow our users to max out bandwidth, RAM and CPU’s as needed for burst of traffic, etc. as long as they don’t abuse our Acceptable Use Policy.


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