TUNEDCLOUD: World's FASTEST Cloud Hosting!

World's FASTEST Managed Cloud Hosting Fully Managed Cloud Hosting on UpCloud's World Class High Performance Cloud Network!

Deploy your WordPress or other CMS, PHP, RUBY, Python or Node.js powered websites on the World’s FASTEST Cloud Network! (See Our Network Tests)

Why pay MORE with other cloud web hosting companies for LESS performance, when you can have ALL the performance with a TUNEDCLOUD hosting plan?

Build Your Dreams on Our High Speed Network! WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Xcart, Moodle or other PHP, NodeJS and RUBY Apps - High Speed Apache/NGINX Hosting for Them ALL!

Starter Cloud Hosting Plan Features



CPU Cores*




Internet Connectivity*


Network Connection*


Free Domain Registration*

Free SSL Certificates*

MaxIOPS SSD Disk Storage (100,000 IOPS!)


Email Accounts


MySQL Databases


cPanel Control Panel

WordPress + 300 Other 1 Click Software Installations

WordPress Dev, Staging and Production Deployment

Git Version Control

Backups Every 6 Hours!*

DDoS Protection From CLOUDFLARE on 25Tbps Network!

100% Network Up Time Guarantee!

Free Setup



Advanced Security Features


24/7/365 Support

WordPress Support

Website Builder

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Price Goes Up 10 Cents After Each Sale - Max Price ($102) is 50% of Annual Retail Price!

TUNEDCLOUD - 1 Year Starter Cloud Web Hosting

By Comparison, No Other Cloud Host Compares!

Other hosts like HostGator, Godaddy or Namecheap do not even come close to comparing to the managed WordPress hosting we offer on our TUNEDCLOUD cloud servers with network connections at 1Gbps for your traffic, others only offer 100Mbps, we offer unlimited storage, more cpu cores and RAM, etc, etc.. We don’t even show comparisons with them as we are just in a different league when it comes to High Performance Cloud Hosting for WordPress or other popular CMS platforms.

You will not find a higher performance network or server configuration for your websites anywhere, even at twice the cost!

Go ask the ‘other guys’ what they provide, then come back and purchase when you see we truly are the leaders in performance and price for high powered cloud hosting for WordPress and other CMS platforms.

Fully Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting – What it Means to Us!

Fully Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting has become quite popular in the last few years, we take a different approach from other companies.

While other companies limit what you can do with your WordPress sites, remove features from your cPanel account, limit plugins and themes you are allowed to install, etc., we allow you to use all themes and plugins, provide a full cPanel account, with all the bells and whistles, and do it for less!

Developers love us (‘NOOBS’ do too!), all the tools are there that they love and know how to best use for building WordPress or any other CMS platform, eCommerce solutions, etc., we support it all!

Our support staff will assist you to fix issues with theme and plugin installations, performance improvements on your websites, and more, no extra charge!

We are a full service, Managed WordPress Hosting company, to be more accurate, we are a FULLY managed hosting company, period.

Meaning, we don’t care what you host with us, we will help you to manage and maintain your software, providing heroic support and resolve any issue that comes up with any of the software scripts you can install via Softaculous script installer, we support all scripts installed using Softaculous including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

We are not just a WordPress Managed Hosting Provider, you need much more than that with any enterprise website deployment in today’s competitive business market.

For example, we use WordPress to power our eCommerce website, with 47 active plugins running, and we run WHMCS for our shopping cart and product management, support, etc., our hosting platform allows us to maximize our website performance and get as low as 11 millisecond page loads for visitors to our site on the fast side with an average of under 0.3 seconds for all clients globally!

Compare us to other hosts in the Managed WordPress Hosting Niche and you will not find a single one that can match our performance on our company website compared to theirs.

That is the real test of managed WordPress hosting, performance, plus having a host that can not only manage your WordPress hosting, they can manage your WHMCS hosting or hundreds of other scripts you may want to use on your website, giving you FULL Server Management for less than others charge for WordPress hosting on inferior hosting networks with inferior performance.

When you need help with your WordPress sites, we are there, 24/7/365 with support ninjas that are Server EXPERTS to get your site back up and running again in no time!

Call it WordPress Managed Hosting or just FULL Hosting Management, we deliver!

What Makes Our Cloud Hosting so AMAZING?

100% Network Up Time Guarantee

We keep your sites up 24/7!

Advanced Security Scanning

Daily Malware and Hacking Scans!

cPanel Control Panel

FREE cPanel with every hosting account!

Unlimited Disk Space

Build your website, no worries about space!

Free 24×7/365 Support

Get support when you need it, GEEKS ready to serve you!

30 Day Money-back Guarantee

Not happy, no problem ask for a no hassle refund!

FREE Domain!

Purchase a 1, 2, or 3 year plan and get a free domain!

Host Unlimited Domains

Host unlimited domains with the Enterprise hosting plan!

Free Website Transfer

Let us migrate current cPanel account 100% FREE!

*Free Domain available on 1, 2, 3 year payment plans only on select domain TLD’s.

*Free SSL certificates provided by Let’s Encrypt on all domains and sub-domains that are hosted on our servers.

*Backups are performed approximately every 6 hours, accounts over 20GB or 600,000 inodes/files are not backed up automatically and will require you to manually create and download backups on your own or the purchase of a larger backup package.

*RAM: We allow accounts to burst up to 32GB under load as needed provided they do not exceed our Acceptable Use Policy limits.

*CPU Cores: We allow accounts to burst up to 8 cores under load as needed provided they do not exceed our Acceptable Use Policy limits.

*Network Connection: All TUNEDCLOUD Shared and Reseller hosting cloud VM instances are built on host nodes with 100Gbps connectivity to the Internet with each Cloud VM instance allowed to use up to 1Gbps as needed. (Our VM instances rarely exceed 250Mbps and only for short periods of time, leaving plenty of headroom for our users on each node we deploy.)

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