Support Update… We Are BORED!…

Support Update… We Are BORED!…

Seriously… WE ARE BORED!

Other than moving over a few accounts from other web hosting companies over to Tuned Hosting, for FREE BTW, we really have nothing much going on here in the way of support tickets… it is like a morgue in here folks!

We are not complaining as it gives us more time to work on new and improved features we are rolling out for our clients, including whitelisting our mailing service for transaction emails and low volume subscriber list mailing etc., giving you whitelisted emails without the added expense of a 3rd party service.

This is all part of the Tuned Hosting advantage, we are always looking for simple ways to improve our service and provide high value features to our clients at no additional charge.

We are currently finishing up some updates on the mailing server for configuration and will begin testing this evening or tomorrow and roll out to all domains when testing is complete.


Team Tuned Hosting

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