Tuned Hosting Domain Name Switch to TUNEDCLOUD Coming Soon!

Tuned Hosting Domain Name Switch to TUNEDCLOUD Coming Soon!

To more accurately reflect our product line of premier cloud hosting services, Tuned Hosting will be renamed to TUNEDCLOUD and moved from the TunedHosting.com domain to TUNEDCLOUD.com in the very near future.

Our clients will automatically be forwarded from our old TunedHosting.com domain to our new TUNEDCLOUD.com domain when we make our official move, as will all website traffic from our affiliate network and marketing partners.

TUNEDCLOUD is exactly what it sounds like, tuned cloud hosting, meaning we provide cloud hosting which is tuned to operate at maximum performance, with minimal restrictions for our clients, thus allowing them to run resource intensive apps at breakneck speeds, for less than our competitors charge for their slow and outdated non-cloud hosting.

Tuned Hosting started 3 years ago with the mission to bring high performance web hosting to the ‘average Joe’ for less money and with more performance than any of the top competitors in the marketplace.

TUNEDCLOUD delivers with amazing performance, full cloud server management, backups every 6 hours and support that doesn’t rest until your issue is resolved, that is of course if you even have an issue. We haven’t had a support issue related to a server outage or other server related issue in months… not even one!

I bet your current service provider can’t say that!

Our hosting is less expensive, higher quality and supported by absolute ‘geeks’, in fact you will often get our ‘Owner and Chief Geek’ as your support agent because he is actively involved in our daily operations to support our clients.

TUNEDCLOUD is a privately held company division, i.e. not a publicly traded company, so our owner is 100% dedicated to keeping our clients happy, rather than cutting costs to please investors like publicly traded hosting companies do to boost profits, our company is committed to pleasing our clients instead.

Soon we will be launching a new WordPress optimized and high availability shared hosting product that will blow away any other ‘WordPress’ hosting offered currently to the public, our High Availability Cloud WordPress Hosting will only allow for a maximum of 100 accounts with a single domain hosted on each Cloud VM Instance, this will be the least congested cloud network for WordPress hosted websites in the World.

Performance like a dedicated machine for less, fully managed and backed up every 6 hours for each account.

Welcome to TUNEDCLOUD!

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