Tuned Hosting For Everyone!

Tuned Hosting For Everyone!

For years I have wanted to find a company that would provide a hosting service which had all the necessities, great support, high end equipment, tuned and ready to go servers with secure backups for when disaster strikes.

Those of you who know me, know I have run into my share of issues with hosting companies in the past, ‘those who shall not be named’,… the most recent actually terminated our account in error a day before our due date… amazing!

They also lost/didn’t provide the backup they state they keep in their own TOS and deleted our off-site backups in the process…

Well, after all this I decided to build my own hosting company and do it the way I have always wanted with TunedHosting.com.

For Example:

  • Tuned LEMP Stack, Nginx, Memcached, OPCache, CentOS 6.7, PHP 5.5 etc.
  • Latest cPanel – Included!
  • Daily and weekly backups on ALL shared hosting accounts at no extra charge!
  • Support when you need it and backups for when disaster strikes… sweetness!

Currently we are offering shared hosting on our initial platform, which will in time be upgraded to our load balanced multi-cloud, shared cloud array… more on that later…

However I will tell you this, I just hired a wiz kid of network admin and more importantly… he is a mad scientist type like me who is all about innovation, not imitation.

I’m locking this guy in the basement, feeding him Cheetoes, buffalo wings, and mega doses of caffeine and telling him to create on all levels, shared, VPS, etc., faster, more reliability, security and features… on all products.

We are going to create a truly unique, robust and scalable, shared hosting platform to fit the needs of any user, large businesses and hobby bloggers alike, including high availability performance tuned services you normally have to pay a huge premium to get.

Imagine 4 data centers, US then additional DC’s abroad, of cloud shared semi-private network with your site load balanced and redundant cloud service?

This is in development, it will take a few months to test and deploy to the public AND all current shared clients will be moved to the cloud shared platform when launched at no additional cost!

There is likely to be a price increase for our service to new clients when we launch this new platform, so buy now if you want to secure the best price and get the upgrade at no additional charge when it goes live.

From the ground up Tuned Hosting is going to be different, we don’t sell cheap $1 a month shared hosting that stinks, just to upgrade you to more expensive plans or VPS or Dedicated when you don’t really need it…

We market hi-performance, built to kick ass servers, with support to resolve even the worst case issues when needed.

Currently we are running with zero support tickets, yet I will be honest we still are having issues with our shared server httpd service crashing on occasion due to a seg fault memory error when cpanel creates an account, meaning webpages are not being served for a minute or two until the service restarts, this issue is only present on our ‘Starchild’ server.

We are working to correct this on the node our VPS is on and if unable we will move to a new node late Sunday evening or Monday Evening.

Now, a lot of Companies might just tell you it is web traffic at that moment, swamp gas or some other nonesense, you know… bullshit… we just tell you like it is…

The server has an issue, really a minor one for 99% of the time, we are fixing it and if it proves to be a non fixable issue or rather unresolved in another 24 hours, we will replace the whole machine with a new one and then run a full off network direct diagnostic, if it was an alien it would be a vivisection,… on the machine and find what went wrong for future reference should this type of hardware/software config issue arise again, we can fix right away or realize the machine is doomed immediately and swap to another.

Feel better than being told its swamp gas?

The good news is 99% of the time there is no issue….

Which is exactly how we want it for our clients, no issues ever, if there are, we handle them on shared and fully managed VPS and Dedicated setups and provide assistance on semi managed services.

It is 1:37am and I am still working on building our network and checking to make sure things run smooth for our clients….

Right now I am out visiting family hijacking free WiFi from a KOA campground on my phone in the middle of “nowhereville” Oregon Coast range visiting my with  girlfriend, her new niece…. just born, so I can make sure everything is running as it should…

Get ready for a different hosting experience, Tuned Hosting is going to take over the market for hi-performance tuned shared, VPS and Dedicated hosting and will be known for innovating web hosting solutions that are affordable yet robust and dedicated to service like no other company out there for its clients.

Thank you all for being part of this journey, this launch of what I believe will be the most successful hosting company of its kind, welcome to Tuned Hosting.


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