Tuned Shared Hosting Now Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space: Lower Pricing!

Tuned Shared Hosting Now Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space: Lower Pricing!

We just gave our Tuned Shared Hosting packages a complete ‘TUNE UP’ if you will…

Now all shared hosting accounts come with:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth!
    • Account must not consume more than 15% of server resources longer than 90 seconds at a time.
      • Repeat abusers will be asked to upgrade to a VPS or account will be suspended for abuse, after warning.
  • Unlimited Disk Space!
    • Up to 400K files/inodes
      • Most hosting companies offer 100K files/inodes on ‘unlimited’ accounts.
        • 100K on Starter
        • 200K on Pro
        • 400K on Enterprise
      • Not to be used for backing up your home computers or other data, hosting account is for hosting websites, not for backing up data or streaming data, there are lots of programs out there which will work great for data backup, try something like MyCubby or similar.


New Shared Hosting Pricing

  • Starter was $12, now $5!
  • Pro was $19, now $9!
  • Enterprise was $29, now $19!

More features, lower price… the way we like to do things!

Upcoming Features!

Soon all mail sent off of our servers will be sent via a SMTP white listing service, enough to cover the majority of users for their day to day email needs, for example, a Starter package would be able to send about 2000 emails a day which is plenty for anyone running a blog or even an eCommerce site with moderate traffic and volume, remember… this is just for sending OUT emails, you can and will receive all emails sent to you of course!

Professional and Enterprise accounts will have higher limits, which are still being worked out at this time and will be announced when released.

Clients who need to send email in bulk or have thousands of emails to be sent hourly should either upgrade to a VPS or setup their own 3rd party SMTP service account and then just update their SMTP credentials in the software being used to send out emails, such as WordPress, shopping cart systems etc., for sending out transaction emails, passwords, sales receipts, etc.

However, for 99% of our clients our built in system will cover their needs, only for more advanced users and online marketers will the volume limits on sending out emails have any effect… super high volume email sending sites… eCommerce sites with high volume of sales, etc. However, at that level most marketers want their own white listing account so they can manage their mailing lists etc directly and have more data granularity for tweaking marketing.

Look for this to be implemented sometime later this week as we finalize configurations, feature sets and more.


Team Tuned!

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