TUNEDX Apache/NGINX cPanel Module – TUNE Your Site For Maximum Speed and Security!

TUNEDX Apache/NGINX cPanel Module – TUNE Your Site For Maximum Speed and Security!

Security and Speed – No Programming Required!

Here is a great video that goes over multiple ways to increase your website’s speed and security using the TUNEDX cPanel module for NGINX/Apache web server that is built into your TUNEDCLOUD web hosting account.

Looking to switch your domains to use Https, and run FULL Page in-memory cache on your WordPress powered website and deploy on NGINX for MAX speed? This video is for you!

We host our TUNEDCLOUD.com website on NGINX, our site is run on WordPress CMS with 47 additional plugins running on the site currently, which would normally cripple most WordPress websites, not with our TUNEDX configured NGINX setup!

Our website loads in under a second on average… no matter what the load is!

With hosting starting at only $19 a month, including backups ever 6 hours, up to 8 CPU cores, 32GB of RAM and the power of our 100Gbps+ connected network with 1Gbps committed to every VM Instance we deploy… you will not find a better deal or performance anywhere else!

The TUNEDX module for cPanel makes is super easy for anyone to maximize their website’s performance and security a breeze, no programming required, no hassle and no ‘gotcha moments’.

If you are ready to get your website really performing, watch the video and you will be amazed at the difference, your site will feel like it is on its own dedicated server, with performance not found on other platforms.

Welcome to TUNEDCLOUD!

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