By signing up for a TUNEDCLOUD shared hosting package you agree to abide by our Acceptable Use Policy for shared hosting as not to overload the shared hosting server environment.

Overview of Unlimited Policy


  • Uploading of all data required by your website to operate, which should MAINLY consist of HTML and PHP, etc.
    • Limited to 600K inodes/files for shared hosting packages. *to keep automated backups active.

Not Allowed:

  • Shared hosting is not to be used for storing backups of your computer or other devices, use a backup service for this purpose, Google Drive, MyCubby, etc.
  • Video storage… not allowed, streaming videos can severely impact the performance of the service for other users.
  • Over usage of server is not allowed, i.e. using 50% or more total CPU limit for 90 seconds or more, on a repeated basis.
  • Giving away free hosting to all of your ‘minions’ or ‘buddies’, because you want to be really cool… sorry, not allowed. Your account is your account and belongs only to you.


These limits are in place to keep the health of our service, i.e. speed, reliability etc. in tip top shape!

For most of our clients on our Starter or multiple websites hosted with our Professional and Enterprise shared hosting packages will be just fine, they won’t go over on limits or cause issues with server CPU usage etc., those that do will be asked to upgrade to a VPS package to gain access to all the resources of the VPS as needed for their applications.