Why is Tuned Hosting’s Shared Hosting so Freakishly Fast?

Why is Tuned Hosting’s Shared Hosting so Freakishly Fast?

Tuned hosting Shared Hosting is FREAKISHLY fast for a variety of reasons.

No Overcrowding of Servers

While many hosts spend their time trying to find ways to ‘maximize server density’, here are Tuned Hosting we are always looking for ways to maximize the experience for our clients, rather than our bottom line.

Have you ever gone to use the restroom at a concert or during a baseball game during the 7th inning stretch?

Its kinda SUCKS like that when you are with a host that overcrowds their servers with a ton of accounts… you know, the floor is sticky… there are lines, the air is stuffy and dank and the guy next to you is asking to bum some TP cause he is out…

That pretty much sums up most hosting companies shared hosting accounts…

Tuned Hosting is different…

I worked one time at a place where I ended up getting the private restroom of the owner of the company as it came attached to his former office which I got when he moved to a bigger and better corporate office…

What a different experience…

No lines, ever… it was my personal bathroom… cleaned daily by the staff, you could eat off the counter… had 24k gold plated fixtures, marble floors, counter tops, etc., even had a private shower…

Hot Damn!

Which experience would you rather have? Where would you rather firmly plant the seat of your business, A or B?

The 24k difference…

CloudLinux Standard on All Shared Accounts

The CloudLinux OS provides a lightweight virtual environment for each account on our shared servers, isolating each account so that they do not use more resources than they are allowed to use off of the server and so that a single account which is using too many resources doesn’t crash the server.

With CL, an account could have a ton of traffic and be using a ton of resources, only to their limit and if they go beyond their limits it only effects their account and not the rest of the accounts on the server.

No worries about ‘noisy neighbors’ causing issues with your site performance.

Nginx/Apache Web Server Configuration

With Nginx handling normal web traffic and Apache handling PHP processing and Https web communications, etc., our web hosting platform can take all the traffic you can throw at it and not miss a beat!

This combination is a proven winner and doesn’t have any memory leaks like some other solutions which other companies actually charge you a monthly premium for… I’m not naming the product on purpose as I really don’t want to get into a mud slinging contest over which http server is better, Nginx or XYZ product…

I just know this other product has a memory leak and there is no way I would ever use it on a production server until they fix the issue.

Memcache/d and OPCache Performance Enhancement

If you really want your websites to FLY, use our built in Memcached cache rather than using disk cache like many WordPress plugins use… instead use a plugin like WP-FFPC which will allow you to use our server’s memcache/d cache processing to serve your webpages from MEMORY rather than from a stored copy on the hard drive.

Memory = SPEED!

What is faster, reading from a disk or from memory? What causes more CPU load… reading and writing to disk… now our SSD drives are fast, however still wouldn’t you rather use your storage for website files and not for storing additional copies of your site in static files on your account?

The fact remains, reading from memory is much faster and this is why we enable and recommend using memcache/d for storing your static pages and the WP-FFPC plugin… BTW it makes it a snap to optimize your site… about 2 minutes to setup and you are done, one line to add to your wp-config.php file and then enter save in settings… done.


OPCache is awesome for PHP driven applications like WordPress and what it does in a nutshell is take all the PHP code as it is executed and stores it in memory so that the next time a function or class is called it isn’t recompiled every time the page is loaded or process initiated, it is executed from the compiled code already stored in memory instead.

OPCache = SPEED!

Plus as OPCache only has to compile the code once per cache, until the code changes at the source it isn’t recompiled again, this saves CPU and disk resource use, especially on really busy dynamic websites. This is now the recommended and built in code cache as of PHP 5.5+

These are just a few of the things that make our hosting FREAKISHLY fast and not to mention amazingly priced!


Welcome to the last host you will ever need… Welcome to Tuned Hosting.

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