ZERO Support Tickets… Just the Way We Like It!

ZERO Support Tickets… Just the Way We Like It!

With over 6000 domains hosted, not ONE single open support issue… ZERO!

Bet your current host can’t say that! (BTW, we do get support tickets… just not that often.)

High performance hosting doesn’t have to be a pain to run and maintain, with Tuned Hosting all of our shared and reseller hosting packages come fully managed, backups included, with our fanatical support and highest quality equipment and data centers. Plus, our VPS and VM instances come with full server management and your server web stack fully setup, with backups every 6 hours when you choose our server management services for only $49 a month.

You can’t find this kind of service ANYWHERE for ANY price EXCEPT at!

Not only is our hosting as FAST as any other hosting you may find, be it WordPress optimized hosting or any other flavor of hosting our competitors like to call their particular niche… we beat them hands down for price too.

Hosting doesn’t have to cost a lot to provide a lot, with Tuned Hosting you get the best performance hosting money can buy to run your small startup company, a blog on frogs in your town or a Fortune 500 company, we have you covered with our powerful and flexible cPanel Cloud hosting. If you need a VPS or Cloud VM instance, we have you covered there as well with amazing setups you will NOT find anywhere on the market.

If you are ready to enjoy hassle free hosting, become a client!



6 responses to “ZERO Support Tickets… Just the Way We Like It!”

  1. Tuned Hosting says:

    Still not a single technical support ticket has been opened for any issue on our service other than needing cPanel login details, etc.

    If you are looking for an amazing hosting experience, no issues, simple setup for Nginx to gain massive speed on your WordPress, Joomla or Drupal powered websites, etc., gaining full page in memory caching, etc., choose

    Tuned Hosting is leading the way for cloud based high performance web hosting that anyone can use to maximize their website’s speed and reliability under load.

  2. Tuned Hosting says:

    Another day, zero support tickets for any issues at all… zero!

    Can your host say that?

    Take 25% off of our TUNEDCLOUD VM Instances with coupon: 25TUNEDVM
    (Good till 9/30/2018)

    Get full server management included for no additional cost when you select CentOS 7 (no cost) and cPanel license ($14.99), we manage server setup, web stack setup, backups and maintenance to keep your server running at peak performance.

    You handle your website design and updates, we manage the tech for your server…

    OR if you just want shared hosting in the Cloud, we have you covered with both shared and reseller hosting options on our TUNEDCLOUD Cloud hosting platform.

  3. Tuned Hosting says:

    Been awhile since we updated this post, we have had zero new support tickets in the last 72 hours and not more than 5 support tickets a week for over 2 months now…

    Support when you need it, if you need it, our services run fantastic, we have lightning fast servers and things just work, Tuned Hosting is the up and coming leader in Cloud Hosting Services.

    Try any hosting package and you will see the power of our TUNEDCLOUD services, Shared hosting that has 8 cpu cores and up to 32GB of RAM available to burst through your work loads as needed, Reseller hosting that allows you to provide the same to your clients as white labeled hosting and Cloud VM (Virtual Machine) Instances that are fully managed and come complete with web stack setup to run your mission critical applications and projects or high resource websites for speed and stability that is unmatched anywhere!

    We have you covered and with services that run as they are supposed to, so you don’t have to ask for support all the time, which is why we are able to keep our costs lower and provide much more than any of our competitors do in the Cloud Hosting Industry.

  4. Tuned Hosting says:

    Sitting here with ZERO support tickets again!

    However, we did have 3 tickets this morning, 1 for email settings, 1 for nameserver settings and one followup to a previously answered support ticket.

    And that is with over 6000 domains hosted on our service!

    Our services just work, we DO NOT oversell our hosting, which makes our hosting super fast and it doesn’t cost a lot to get our highest level of performance.

    In fact, all of our shared and reseller accounts come with performance maximized, every account has up to 8 cpu cores available and up to 32GB of RAM to power through any workload, starting at just $5 a month!

    How can we do this when the ‘big guys’ charge so much more for so much less?

    We aren’t a publicly traded company, we don’t answer to our stock holders, we answer to our clients, providing them more resources for faster websites and better support, all for less!

    Get TUNED!

    • Tuned Hosting says:

      Still… no open support issues… Got to love it when your support team is playing ping pong and Mario Cart due to lack of work!

      Want hassle free hosting? GET TUNED!

  5. Tuned Hosting says:

    Still, no open support tickets or issues of any kind.

    Bet your current host cant say that!

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